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do you know who’s cute? read the last word me

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"That’s the thing about relationships. At first the other person doesn’t know anything about you and everything you do and say is just so intriguing to them. You say your best jokes to make them laugh, you try and impress them with a cute outfit or try and make them smile by smiling at them. Everyday there is something new to learn about the other person, and everyday you are just in awe as to how amazing and interesting the other person is. You just don’t know what they’ll do next. And then all of a sudden you keep on making those silly jokes, you keep on trying to impress them, you make weird noises and say stupid comments, and they don’t even hear you. They’re now used to you. And that’s gotta be the worst feeling. Like you don’t catch their eye or amaze them by how different you are. You’re laughing and you look at them and they have a straight face. I don’t know if anyone will understand what I’m trying to say but that’s how it is. And suddenly you feel like everything is falling apart, like why even try to impress the person and be your best self if it seems like they’re not even interested anymore? And then you start putting up a wall so that you won’t get hurt.. And in the end you or the other person gets hurt. It makes me wonder if there is such thing as endless love. Because if the person you are with for three months suddenly isn’t intrigued as to how weird you are, then maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. It sucks knowing that a lot of relationships are like that. The other person isn’t excited to see you because you see them everyday, there is no breathing room and even when you do see them, it’s like you miss the person they were. It sucks when they are used to you and there’s nothing u can do about it……"

- My thoughts

where was my fault in loving u with my whole heart?

i wish more than anything in the world that i could just see you…… has it really been a year since it happened?